Quick Cleaning Tip: Shower Head

Shower heads can become blocked with mineral deposits that build up over time, which can be a pain to clean. Our domestic cleaning experts are here to share their quick cleaning tips to get your shower back to full-flow in no time.

To remove these mineral deposits without the use of harsh chemicals, we suggest soaking the shower head in white vinegar. This method is best for shower heads made from chrome, stainless steel or other protected metals.

  • Place an elastic band over your shower head and wrap it around a few times
  • Half-fill a plastic bag (make sure that there aren’t any holes!) with white vinegar
  • Place the bag over the shower head so that it is fully submerged and secure it with the elastic band
  • Leave it to soak for at least one hour, gently remove the bag, turn on the shower to rinse the vinegar away and polish it with a soft cloth