100 things to throw away this spring!

With spring cleaning season in full swing, we’re sharing with you the top 100 things to throw away to make your home feel that little bit lighter!

A big part of cleaning is de-cluttering. Removing clutter can help the room feel bigger, cleaner and more usable. However, when we say throw away it’s also important to think about what can be recycled, donated or passed on. Not everything in your home should be thrown in the bin.

Here’s our list of the top 100 things to throw away this spring….

Old product boxes (computer products, TV, etc.)
Expired make up
Old magazines
Ugly undergarments you hate to wear.
Bills, bank statements, paperwork over 7 years old
Socks with holes or without mates
Extra cups and mugs – how many do you really need in the cupboard?
Books you’ve never read or will never read again
Old technology (floppy discs, tapes, MiniDiscs – remember them?)
Unloved toys
Cleaning cloths – You only need a few before you’ll wash them again, right?
Take away menus you don’t use
Outdated medicines
Old trainers – donate them
Kirby grips
Games with missing pieces
Dried up nail polish bottles
Computer games you’ll never play again
Jewellery you don’t wear
Old towels that are threading
Extra sets of bed sheets – you only need one spare right?
Unused plastic containers or those without a lid
Matches or lighters you never use
Old newspapers
Clothes that are too small (Treat yourselves to new clothes when you’re ready)
Things you’ve bought but haven’t returned yet (Return them, sell, or donate them)
Pens with no lids and worn down pencils
Mini shampoo bottles from a hotel you went to five years ago
Knick knacks that you used to love
Power cords that don’t belong to anything you currently own
Most of the items found in his ‘man drawer’`
Your children’s homework projects
Old cleaning products you never use (we can sort the cleaning!)
Flower pots that have been stacked up for years
Watering cans if you don’t have plants to water
Old children’s clothing. Save the good items if you’re having another child or pass them on
Extra buttons. Do you sew? No? They’ve got to go.
Old calendars
DVDs you never watch anymore – cash them in and make some money back!
Curling irons, crimpers or straightners you don’t use anymore
Travel mugs that leak or are embarassing to take out
Boxes – shoe boxes, cereal boxes. Recycle and be free
Sample products – use, donate or throw
Old mobile phone covers
Miscelaneous ribbon or string
Expired vouchers
Belts that no longer fit or are out of style
Duplicate kitchen utensils – when did you last use three whisks?
Expired suncream
Staple remover – good for the office but not at home
Travel alarm clock – don’t we all use mobile phones now?
Plug in air fresheners without a refill
Unloved dog toys
Key chains with no keys
Recipe books you don’t ever use
Random batteries you’re not sure where they came from
Multiple bookmarks – how many books can you read at once?
Paperweights – really?
Felt tip pens without lids and lids without felt tip pens
Empty bottles of anything
Old invitations
Travel brochures
Tissue paper/gift bags
Unused sticky notes
Hair products you don’t use
Old prescription glasses
Old sunglasses – they were never really that cool?
Phone books – Google it!
Hats you don’t wear or that look like you shouldn’t
Gift cards – spend them!
Puzzle books you don’t use
Old textbooks – you could definitely make some money back on these
Unused vases
Stockings and tights with holes and ladders
Old CDs – even the classics!
Old stereos
Piles of “scrap paper”
Old luggage holdalls that you don’t use
Instruments you’ve given up on mastering years ago
Instruction manuals – most are available online now
Calculators – mobile phones have these now
Remotes that have no purpose
Lawn and garden pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers you won’t use (Call TruGreen for advice)
Dried up super glue
Old and ugly t-shirts
One orphan earring
Gifts you don’t love
Scarves you never wear
Damaged/stained clothing – maybe these can be your new cleaning cloths?
Plastic children’s plates/cups that they’ve outgrown
Old mobile phones – recycle and make some money!
Old wallets
Spare change lying around – bag it up and take it to the bank!
Old baby gear that you no longer need – a great donation item if you don’t want to sell it
Old sports equipment from days gone by
Broken clocks
Coasters that you don’t use
Plants – if they don’t make your garden look good – lose them
Ruled notebook paper – I hate to throw it away but I never use it.  Donate it!